some of the most popular pendants from covet jewels have been those that have adapted the ‘unity’ bangles into a pendant. and many of these pendants have been renovated from inherited jewellery or unworn and unloved jewellery.

nothing beats a strand of pearls. and I am a firm believer that you can wear pearls in any form whenever you like. I often wear mine to school drop off and pick up just because that it what I feel like wearing that day. I have even worn them to bed, because they feel so good on my skin.

and covet jewels also does pearls for little girls. the last photo is of freshwater pearls with aquamarine beads thread on silk for a little girl whose birthstone is a pearl (and it could also be for a little girl for a birthstone is march). there is no age barrier to pearls.

there are so many beautiful gemstones available on the market that can be made into strands. the options are endless and this is just a taste of what can be done.