Natasha Turner

covet jewels is owned by natasha turner, who is a qualified gemmologist, trained diamond grader, jewellery designer and member of the gemmological association of australia (GAA).

after 20 years in the banking and finance industry both in sydney and london, natasha decided that it was time for a change of career and to give her creativity a turn. so after her second child she commenced her studies in gemmology with the aim to start her own jewellery design business.

through her studies natasha has acquired a rich knowledge of gemstones which means she is able to offer her clients more than just design. she can identify types of gemstones and has an understanding of their physical properties. in addition she appreciates and seeks out gemstones that are often overlooked because they are not a diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald. she recognizes the potential of these gemstones in her designs and brings this to fruition.

natasha’s love of gemstones and  jewellery design is evidenced in her end results.  she is constantly amazed and excited by  the colour and light emitted from both organic (e.g. pearls and amber) and inorganic (diamonds, garnets, rubies, tourmaline etc) gemstones. all covet jewels designs are unique and made with integrity.


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