opal is a simply gorgeous gem, especially the black and crystal opal from lightning ridge. and it is an australian icon. unfortunately it has been done a HUGE injustice by some in the jewellery industry. opal jewellery does not have a good reputation (think tourist shop designs). we need to right this wrong and keep the miners mining so we have a beautiful supply of opals to make into BEAUTIFUL jewellery.

so please help the opal mining industry in lightning ridge by signing this petition.


I have been to lightning ridge and loved it. it is a bit like the wild west with an endearing and welcoming atmosphere. and to be in an opal mine seeing the formation of this amazing gemstone made me love it more as a jewellery designer and gemmologist.

I haven’t made any opal jewellery yet, however I am seriously considering entering an opal jewellery design competition this year. I just need to find the right piece (which shouldn’t be hard). I can only using freeform or undulating opals from lightening ridge. and this suits me perfectly as I ┬ámuch prefer the freeform opal. the irregularity of the shape adds to its sublime beauty and design potential. stay tuned!!!


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